Growing a Baby in 14 Seconds

Okay so, it didn’t really take 14 seconds, it was more like 42 weeks but my brother-in-law was kind enough to whip up this short video for me. I picked the song Natural Pearl by Murder by Death for the background music, their album Big Dark Love had just come out and the song seemed fitting.

We found a cute arrow shaped sign that we used to point at my belly and updated the number each week so we remembered how far along I was. I tried to wear light colors each week to maintain some consistency, which became more difficult toward the end because most of my light clothing stopped fitting. I liked incorporating things into some of the photos:

  • Week 13: First day of Spring
  • Week 15: We found out we were having a girl
  • Week 30: 4th of July (flag didn’t make the final set)
  • Week 34: My sister passed away
  • Week 37: My baby shower

Oh and fun fact, I didn’t cut my hair the entire time, which is noticeable in the photos.

Taking photos once a week was a bit of a challenge. In between work and being physically exhausted, Rob and I would almost forget some weeks …those are the photos where my hair is messy. I’m happy we stuck it out because now I have a clearer memory of the transformation and best of all, I can share it with Maya some day.

Thanks to my darling husband, Rob for committing to this fun little project.

Pregnancy weekly photoshoot

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