Just another reason to love Coca-Cola

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved the Coca Cola branding, not only the vintage posters but also the logo design. The very first Coca Cola logo was not the world-famous Spencerian Script logo that we’ve all come to love but actually was just a plain ol’ sans serif type. From what I gather, this logo was only used in a couple of newspaper printings very early on in the company’s development.

In 1885/86 the Coca-Cola bookkeeper, Frank Mason Robinson designed THE fancy-pants script logo that Coca-Cola is so well known by. In terms of design, the logo is distinct, youthful and vibrant, so it’s pretty much perfect for promoting soda but it’s also important that the brand has been consistant with their identity.

I love Coca-Cola for being so consistently badass and iconic.

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