Survey Management Tool

I lead the user research and design for an internal tool to help a market research firm create and manage survey projects.

I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information in this case study.


The teams at this firm were working across several different systems which put a dent in their productivity and made it difficult for them to execute projects. The goals were to increase service quality and provide the firm with accurate data/business metrics.

My Process

My process began with data collection. I shadowed teams from each department to learn how they were servicing customers and fulfilling orders. I interviewed members of the team to understand pain-points and created personas to help with future decision making. Below is a snippet from the workflow diagram I created to document and visualize how often people were interfacing with different applications and with each other.

Once I had a deep enough understanding of the product and processes, I aligned with key stakeholders to identify the goals of the project. I then worked side-by-side with the Operations team to dream up how a new application could help improve the workflow and the customer experience. We ranked each of the needs and settled on a set of features that would be included in the MVP and whiteboarded some of our ideas. I created wireframes and a functioning prototype, and collected several rounds of feedback before we settled on the UX.

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